"K375 Design Team" was founded by "Kulow Rainer" 2012.
The name is a creation out of "K" the first letter of the name and the numbers "375" of the birthdate of the founder.
These combinations where used many times before in different private and public internet projects and pseudonyms.
Computer based graphic design, animation and music always was a creative driver for Rainer Kulow for many centuris.
As the demand on graphic design and multimedia was growing, my private work was transformed in commerical project by forming the "K375 Design Team" as subdivision of my IT Company Kulow IT+C GmbH.
We specialiced in graphicdesign, webdesign, multimedia, video, special effects, animation, postproduction, audio and music.
In the meanwhile we extended our workarea in many areas of multimedia by forming further subdivisions and/or subbrands officialy named:
  • K375 Design Team (c)
  • K375 Motion Pictures (c)
  • K375 Renderfarm (c)
  • K375 Audio Studio (c)
We work international, but located in europe/switzerland.

For detailed informaton on this subdivisions check the specific section on this site.
This is the presentation platform of most times me "Kulow Rainer" and K375 Subbrands.

Projects are coordinated by "only" Kulow Rainer under KULOW IT+C GmbH.
The Banking Account is same as Kulow IT+C GmbH and can be found there.

For contact, interest, projects or any questions first contact "K375 Design Team" or "KULOW IT+C GmbH" or simple try using the contact form or give a phone.


All material shown on this site is under the rights of k375.ch a subbrand of kulow-itc.ch
or the referenced artists, for most we have direct allowance to use this material.
Reuse and copies are not allowed and need allowance by kulow-it.ch or the artist shared the work with us.
Why, simply because its lot work and time we invest and we need to earn our daily bread with.
This site is ment to present and show talents of Design Team K375 and the artists we work together.

If you like to join our team or work with us together, get in contact with Kulow Rainer, we always look for skilled people working on project, short- or longterm base.