1.2017Rework, Update and GraphicDesign for Websites and Logos for different Presentations and Companies. Even so consolidating of Photo work and Artwork of the last year. Even so we moved and deleted much Youtube work and preparing it for hosting it as a Reference on our site.
6.2016We extended our Audio Studio in cooperation with "FreshStarsRecordings". We did a lot Testing of Music Productions Videos and Dokumentation. Finaly we reached the standard of professional Audio Studios for Music and Movie. Even so FreshStarsRecordings is cooperating with our AudioStudio and taking the offical Regestry of Music and Videos by using ISRC-Code Standard.
3.2016A buissy year. We extend work in CGI, SpecialFX and doing Animation for Music Videos and VJ Videos. For this we created a lot Animations and Artwork for the Recordlabel "".
12.2015We extended Moviemaking by getting the newest technology and Tools for making movies in TV/Cinema quality upto 4K UltraHD Resolution. For this we did some small movies project in 4K showing our work in Zurich.
2015We worked hard in small projects. Extended and improved our work in section of CGI/3D and Moviemaking. Did Alianze and Cooperation with other leads in the brand.
5.2015We launched our new internet presence. still site is not finished, updates will follow.