K375 Motion Pictures

K375 Motion Pictures is specialized in work of film and animations.
Target is all K375 Design Team creates, we can animate too.

We use many different ways of modern movie making and animation as well as postproduction to create
movies, 3D animations, advertising and spots in high resolution up to HD and UHD 4K standard.
We work with many formats for all media as CD, DVD, BlueRay, TV and Internet with no loss and lessloss compressions.

3D Animations

We use modern worldwide used 3D Animation Programms to create animations from cartoon movies, to technical animations up to
product animations and advertising spots

Photo and Film

We have the news equipment and cameras for creating high qualtity movies, documentary and advertising spots in formats up to UHD 4K.
We just limited by the technical borders like 1 hourer one shots or difficult enviroment conditions.
We able to do slow motion as well as timelap videos.

Postprocessing/Special FX

We use modern ways of postprocessing to give our movies the right final touch and atmosphere as well as
adding special effects used in cinematic movies as well creating Text Scrollers and overblending in many ways.