Rendering Farm

For our work with 3D rendering and computing animations, we got expert knowledge and spezialized in building Highperformance Computing Workstations and Renderfarms.

We offer our customers the possebility to rent computing power or we build a specialiced system for you.

Our computers are hight scaled dual CPU Multicore Servers and Multicore GPU Workstations working in a cluster.
On the right side you can see some Benchmarks we got moretimes as example, showing mainly the CPU Power (CB), but not reflecting our strength of mutiple GPU Power [our GPU power is about 10x CB power] and Cluster power [10x CB and GPU power] wich results in a approximatly 100x power of a modern standard desktop.

Rendering Farm Service

As this setups are costintensive we like to offer this computing power to our customers to save there budgets.
We offer our service by time for single machines up to clusters or by contract and scale this for your needs, so you can save costs, planing and work.
This makes scence for photorealistic images and espacily longer animations in high quality normaly can take many weeks on workstations.
So you can do design at low quality at your office and give us the main task to render scenes in highest quality.
Even so we offer the service to outsouce all compilation tasks up to the endproduct to us and we can do the design too.
We can offer secure encrypted connections so you can reach us by internet, if prefere we offer a secure contract and direct handover to us.

Just get in contact with Kulow IT+C GmbH and we make the right plan for you and tell about prices.

For example:
For cycle renderer, creating a hight resolution movie scene HDTVp720 (DVD quality) with a lenght of arround 5 minute results in 5Min*60Sec*24Frames=7200 Frames.
CPU Computing 8core 4 Ghz the frame takes 4 Minutes to render the movie this takes 7200*4Min=28800Min=20 Days.
By using the one computer of our rendering farm some optimizations in workflow and Performance reduces rendering time down to 25 sec/frame.
For the hole rendering this means a result of 7200*25sec=3000Min=50hours=2.08 Days and so a reduction of 18 Days renderingtime.
By using our hole cluster for this project the rendering time goes down to 5 houres, this means we can deliver your work within the next workday.
You can see the example video in the video section.


There are two types of rendering computers, Workstation based Computer offering CPU and GPU Power and Rackbased Computer for pure CPU Power.
The best setup relates on the needs of specific worktask, software and rendering-engines, not all modes are supported by every software.

There are some Examples we can offer and as part of IT-Experts of Kulow IT+C GmbH,
we easily can compete with products of other marketleaders by power and price.
Even so we can deliver the workstations of the known marketleaders.
The market is high dynamical so we try always to use the best for price/power and use our knowledge to optimize the setups.
Setup can scale from arround tiny workstation 2000,00 CHF, professional workstations for arround 5000,00 CHF up to large 40Core rendernodes/workstation for 15000,00 CHF per computer.

Individual setup using our expert knowledge and construction for your purpose is most times best choice, even so upgrading or delivering single parts is possible.

We can deliver high count of even machines and we can build up a hole renderingfarm for you and get the right software and installation for animation, video and film productions.

Best is to ask for the pricelist or have a call with Experts of Kulow IT+C GmbH to find the best solution for your company.